Who we are

Wooden Home Framing

Pajeski Real Estate LLC. is a Real Estate investment company who aims to serve and help our local communities first and foremost. We look for your problems and we want to solve them.

What we do

At our company we aim to satisfy anyone and everyone's needs. If you have a problem, we want to fix it. The common problems with our clients include:


  • ​Pre-foreclosure

  • Tax delinquent

  • Tired of old home

  • Troublesome tenants

  • Need quick cash

  • Want to move

  • Don't want to use an agent

  • Need to sell quickly


The list goes on forever but if any of these sounds like you, Contact us now!


Our whole process

Contact us

We get in touch, and make a visit appointment

We assess your property

We agree on a number and sign!

You're all done!

Just wait for your cash!

Unlocking the Door